We’ve taken the principal of our Places site and flipped it to show you what has sold each week. Simply put in the road name of a property near one you’re looking at and get a sense of the recent transactions in the area.

3 May 2019
Apartment 2, 4 Bel Royal Terrace, La Route de St Aubin, St. Lawrence
26 Apr 2019
Peirson Villa, 12 Peirson Road, formerly 5 Peirson Villas and 12 Peirson Road, St. Helier
12 Apr 2019
Entre Nous, 6 Clos de Patier, La Rue de Patier, St. Saviour
12 Apr 2019
Sydmor, formerly Miniquiers View, La Route des Genets, St. Brelade
5 Apr 2019
34 Les Cloches, Le Squez Road, St. Clement
5 Apr 2019
Villa Sablen, Le Mont Cochon, St. Helier
5 Apr 2019
Undivided shares of Casa Mia (previously called Boreney), 6 Carrefour Villas, Val Plaisant, St. Helier
22 Mar 2019
The Old Coach House, La Neuve Route, Trinity
22 Mar 2019
Unit 1, Les Champs, La Rue de Flicquet, St. Martin
15 Mar 2019
Sa Me Sufit, La Grande Route de St Clement, St. Clement
1 Mar 2019
Flat 3, St Kilda, 33 Kensington Place, St. Helier
1 Mar 2019
Lil Maud House, 14 Byron Road, St. Helier
1 Mar 2019
Home Farm (formerly known as 2 Home Farm), with Le Clos a Geon (being field ..., and the piece of land called Les ..., St. Peter
22 Feb 2019
Share 2, St Kilda, 33 Kensington Place, St. Helier
21 Dec 2018
Equal shares of Carlton, Clos de la Mare, La Rue de Maupertuis, St. Clement
14 Dec 2018
Mount Martin, with the ladder spaces, outbuildings and land to the North of the house,, Old St John's Road, St. Helier
14 Dec 2018
Undivided shares of Passchendale, La Grande Route de St Jean, St. Helier
14 Dec 2018
Le Catel Farm, with the land known as Le Jardin du Potage situate to the North of the outbuilding situate to the North of the main house., The field bearing the number 799 on the Jersey Digital Map known as Le Grand Jardin et Le Long Catel (with the dilapidated greenhouse and appurtenances situated thereon), 1,670,000, Trinity
30 Nov 2018
Le Coin, 1 Clos de la Baule, La Rue des Pres, Grouville
2 Nov 2018
Apartment 1, Eagle House, 34 David Place, St. Helier