When you browse property on places, we show you a range of indicative mortgage rates to give you an idea of what your lending will cost. The amount you can borrow will vary on your income and deposit and the LTV (Loan to value) percentage.

If you have a £70,000 deposit on a £350,000 property, your LTV is 80% (you've put down a 20% deposit). The bigger your deposit, the lower your LTV and lower the rate. Rates change regularly from different providers and there are a range of funding options. It's worth getting your tax returns or payslips ready and then approaching a provider about what is best for you.

The rates below are drawn from The Mortgage Shop, a broker that can offer rates from multiple lenders so this represents a great view of what is out there in the market. You can adjust the mortgage calculator below to give yourself an indication or do so on any property that catches your fancy as Places will already have entered the property value and lowest available rate.

Latest Rates

Mortgage Calculator

35 yrs
80% 2 year tracker - 5.95%
With a 20% deposit of £100,000 on a property valued at £500,000 your monthly payments would be£2,267.34
LTV Type Rate
80% 2 year tracker 5.95%
90% 2 Year tracker 6.39%
60% 5 Year tracker 6.29%
60% BTL 2 year tracker 6.24%
75% BTL 2 year fixed 5.74%
75% 2 year fixed 5.44%
90% 2 year fixed 5.64%
75% 5 year fixed 4.94%
90% 5 year fixed 5.14%