We’ve taken the principal of our Places site and flipped it to show you what has sold each week. Simply put in the road name of a property near one you’re looking at and get a sense of the recent transactions in the area.

25 Oct 2019
La Maie, 18 Le Pre Cadoret, La Rue de Haut, St. Lawrence
6 Sep 2019
The Anchorage, La Grande Route de la Cote, St. Clement
5 Jul 2019
3 Field Views, Tower Road, St. Helier
17 May 2019
Belle Vue, La Route des Camps, St. Brelade
26 Apr 2019
Cammac, 7 Le Clos des Mielles, La Petite Route des Mielles, St. Brelade
23 Nov 2018
Campbell House, Le Vier Mont, Grouville
5 Oct 2018
35 Oxford Road, ., St. Helier