We’ve taken the principal of our Places site and flipped it to show you what has sold each week. Simply put in the road name of a property near one you’re looking at and get a sense of the recent transactions in the area.

24 Jan 2020
Sursay, 4 La Hougue Grange Farm, Le Catillon, Grouville
24 Jan 2020
3 Cleveland Road, formerly 2 Croydon Villas, St. Helier
17 Jan 2020
Le Buissonnet, La Rue Malo, Grouville
15 Nov 2019
Kenshar, 25 Clos des Pas, Green Street, St. Helier
15 Nov 2019
Undivided half shares of Bognor, to be renamed Christina, 2 Cleveland Road, St. Helier
27 Sep 2019
Apartment 2, Cliff House, 19 Regent Road, St. Helier
20 Sep 2019
Apartment 1, Cliff House, 19 Regent Road, St. Helier
30 Aug 2019
18 Abbotsmount, St John's Road, St. Helier
2 Aug 2019
2 Evelina Court, La Rue de Samares, St. Clement
19 Jul 2019
La Renaissance, La Rue des Nouettes, St. Ouen
19 Jul 2019
L'Anciennete, La Grande Route de St Marie, St. Mary
31 May 2019
Les Rosieres Cottage, 3 Vue de lEglise, La Route de St Marie, St. Mary
12 Apr 2019
Undivided shares of 6 Dudley Mews, Bagot Road, St. Saviour
12 Apr 2019
Flat 16, Marett Court, Marett Road, St. Helier
29 Mar 2019
Willow Cottage (formerly known as Solway), with a piece of land situate to the south and co-extensive with the above, the whole with the swimming pool constructed thereon;, an almost triangular shaped piece of land formerly forming part of a private road and situated in the south-west corner, the most southerly thereof. 1,420,000 including contents., Trinity
29 Mar 2019
30 The Willows, La Rue Horman, Grouville
29 Mar 2019
Lowlands Farm, with the conservatory to the north-east, or thereabouts, of the house; the covered passageway to the east, or thereabouts, of the main house;, the small room or building (with bathroom and w.c.) to the north, or thereabouts, of the passageway; the small section of garden or flower bed to the north, or thereabouts, and co-extensive to the latter small room or building;, Trinity
1 Mar 2019
Apartment 7, Chateau Royale, La Rue Vardon, Grouville
21 Dec 2018
La Rigondaine, with cottage, barn and outbuildings to the rear thereof and the gardens and lands to the South and to the West of the house and appurtenances., The Western part of the Jardin de Derriere, Le Cotil a Greffes, Le Cotil a Chenes, Le Jardin Ou le Petit Cotil de la Rigondaine, Grouville
14 Dec 2018
3 Royal Bay Gardens, La Rigondaine, Grouville