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The Spiffy.je team are creating a fresh, popular and accessible online marketplace, allowing you to be more in control of the sale of your property along with offering a choice of fee structures to keep costs low for everyone.


Adam Lescop Negotiator
Adam Davies Negotiator
Julian Lucas-Villar Director
Sara Holt Director

Latest Sold Property

1 May 2020
5 Hautbois Gardens, Bellozanne Road, St. Helier
24 Apr 2020
7 Mountrow Villas, La Grande Route de St Martin, St. Saviour
28 Feb 2020
Melrose Cottage, 76 Rouge Bouillon, St. Helier
31 Jan 2020
Tigoni (and in the future to be known as Birchwood), 29 Fairfield Avenue, La Pouquelaye, St. Helier
24 Jan 2020
11 Landfield Drive, Le Mont Millais, St. Helier
17 Jan 2020
Dacia, formerly Arran House and prior to ..., Victoria Road, St. Saviour
17 Jan 2020
Babord (henceforth to be known as Stronghold), 10 Le Pont Close, La Rue de Pontlietaut, St. Clement
17 Jan 2020
Apartment 50, Saviour's Place, Pleasant Street, St. Helier
17 Jan 2020
21 Hautbois Gardens, Bellozanne Road, St. Helier
22 Nov 2019
11 La Selliere, La Rue de Maupertuis, St. Clement