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Choice Properties
Maison Victor Hugo, Greve d'Azette, St. Clement, Jersey, JE2 6PW

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We are a local business committed to helping people find the right home for them, whether it’s an investment property, first home, family home or forever home! We also deal in short term, long term and non qualified rentals across the island.
We do thorough research when conducting valuations based on past and present trends, what's available on the current market and give our clients honest valuations. And our friendly negotiators will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
Member of Jersey Association of Estate Agents


Christine Mauger Managing Director

Latest Sold Property

10 Jan 2020
Apartment 5, Millennium Court, La Greve d'Azette, St. Clement
9 Aug 2019
La Petite Varine, Old Brickfield Lane, St. Saviour
31 May 2019
Apartment 47, Millennium Court, La Greve dAzette, St. Clement
6 Jul 2018
Clairval, La Grande Route de St Clemen, St. Clement
15 Jun 2018
Trafalgar Villa, La Route de St Aubi, St. Helier
8 Jun 2018
Evelyn, 27 Chevalier Roa, St. Helier
25 May 2018
Davlin Cottage, La Rue du Bour, St. Clement
4 May 2018
3 Peirson Cottages, Longueville Roa, St. Saviour
27 Apr 2018
Apartment 6, Lakeside South Pavilion, La Rue de la Commune, St. Peter
6 Apr 2018
1 Les Fougeres, La Rue des Nieme, St. Peter

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